Cry of Fear Download

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: 1GHz
Hard Drive: 5GB HD free
Video Memory: 128MB Video Card with OpenGL support
DirectX: 9.0
Mouse and keboard

Cry of Fear Information:
Cry of Fear is a first-person psychological survival horror video game created by Team Psykskallar. Though originally a modification for the video game Half-Life, it is now a standalone product available on Steam.
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Cry of Fear Gameplay:
The player controls Simon Henriksson, a 19‑year‑old who wakes up in an unknown alley shortly after being hit by a car. The player must navigate the city solving puzzles and fighting monsters to progress. The game switches between normal gameplay levels representing the city and surrounding areas and "nightmare" levels, similar to those found in the Silent Hill series of games.Cry of Fear features many unique mechanics, such as the limited inventory system, which allows the player to carry only 6 items at a time and does not pause the game while the inventory screen is open. Another unique mechanic is the ability to dual-wield inventory items, allowing the use of two weapons at a time, or one weapon and a light source. Item combination is also possible from the inventory screen. Health is recovered by the use of morphine syringes, which can blur the player's vision if overused. Stamina is consumed through strenuous actions such as running and jumping, and can be recovered by resting or the use of morphine syringes.
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Game Size: 1.52 GB
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