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Cover Art
Bookworm Deluxe Cover Art

Bookworm Deluxe Recommended System Requirements:

OS: 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
CPU: Pentium 4, 2.0 GHz
RAM: 256 MB
Video Card: 32 MB
Hard Drive Space: 27 MB
DirectX: 9.0
 Mouse and Keyboard

Bookworm Deluxe Information:

Bookworm Deluxe (or Bespelled) is a word-forming computer puzzle-strategy game by PopCap Games. From a grid of available letters, players connect letters to form words. As words are formed, they are removed from the grid and the remaining letters collapse to fill the available space. As in Scrabble, players earn more points by creating longer words or words which use less common letters. In November 2006, PopCap Games released a spiritual successor, Bookworm Adventures. Bookworm was released for the Nintendo DS digital distribution service DSiWare on November 30, 2009. It has also been released on the regular Nintendo DS cartridge.

As the player advances to each succeeding level, red tiles appear more frequently and offer more letter combinations designed to present multiple word options to the player; for example, "cow", "scow", "scowl", or "scowled". In many cases, the player must overcome the urge to immediately get rid of the tile. Instead, he or she must scan the board and look for opportunities to make the best possible word. When two or more red tiles appear, the player must judge which tile(s) should be attended to first, so as to minimize the chance of a red tile being a letter that cannot be used later. If the player can't use a red tile immediately, he or she should at least try to use the tile it touches below as this will automatically be burned through. The exception to this is when a red tile appears on top of a green, gold, sapphire or diamond tile. If this occurs, the colored tile will "hold" the red tile a little longer, allowing the player to have a better chance of creating more favorable letter combinations if the red tile is surrounded by letters that can't be used to form a word. As one becomes more experienced at word making, it will become easier to make more and varied words. If the player settles for succeeding instances of shorter, simpler words, the spate of new red tiles will become overwhelming and the game will quickly end. By maneuvering sapphire and diamond tiles to the base of the board a buffer is created giving more time to deal with burning tiles. At times one needs to "risk" letting red tiles fall to clear out clumps of unwanted letters. In this case, one needs to plan ahead for words that will use the red toward the bottom of a column.

These are helpful hints on how to distribute your words to avoid getting a new red tile or to predict where a red tile will appear: 1) A word of any length contained in a single vertical column will not generate a red tile 2) A four letter word evenly distributed in two columns (2 letters in each) will not generate a red tile. Neither will a six letter word evenly distributed. 3) Especially in higher scores, odd numbered words of three letters (and later, five letter words) not in a single column will generate red tiles. For three letter words, if there are two letters in one column and one letter in the next column, a red tile will appear in the column with the single letter. Similarly for five letter words in higher scores.

These are helpful hints on managing bonus tiles: 1) Try to save/migrate gold, sapphire and platinum tiles to the bottom. This is your "defense". Often, on a difficult to clear letter, this gives you more time to maneuver letters into place above the problem letter to form a word. 2) Group bonus tiles: 3 green tiles into one word will always give at least a gold. If three greens are used to form a three-letter word, most likely a sapphire tile will be made; two golds anywhere in a word makes a sapphire; two sapphires anywhere make a platinum; three golds anywhere make a platinum; other combinations (e.g. a sapphire and a gold) do not seem to have a deterministic, if any, positive result.
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Bookworm Deluxe Screenshots:

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Screenshot 1
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Screenshot 2
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