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GTA 2 (Grand Theft Auto II) Cover Art, Free Download for PC Rip

GTA 2 (Grand Theft Auto II) Recommended System Requirements:
OS Windows 95/98
Pentium 266 MHz Processor
70 MB Hard Disk Space
4X CD-ROM Drive
DirectX 7
Keyboard and Mouse

GTA 2 (Grand Theft Auto II) Information:

Grand Theft Auto 2 (abbreviated as GTA 2) is a 1999 open world action-adventure video game developed by DMA Design (now Rockstar North) and published by Rockstar Games, originally released on 30 September 1999 for Microsoft Windows and 25 October 1999 for the PlayStation. The game was later ported to the Dreamcast console and the Game Boy Color. It is the sequel to 1997's Grand Theft Auto.

The PC and Dreamcast versions of GTA2 are both rated M by the ESRB. The language and violence were toned down for the PlayStation and Game Boy Color versions which received a T rating. Rockstar previously offered the PC version as registerware for free download at their website with free subscription to their mailing list, however the service is currently unavailable.
GTA2 was preceded by the original Grand Theft Auto and ultimately succeeded by Grand Theft Auto III. The game was made available on Steam on 4 January 2008, however it can only be purchased as part of a collection.

GTA2 retained the overhead viewpoint of GTA, as well as the car-stealing/telephone-answering formula of the original. The player has the ability to explore cities on foot or in various vehicles. The aim is to achieve a certain score. On achieving this goal the player then can proceed to the next level. Doing missions awards the player more points than any other method but are not essential for completion of the game.

A new feature introduced in GTA2 was doing missions for separate gangs, of which there are two new gangs for each of the three levels of the game, and one faction which is present in all levels. Being employed by one gang can cause distrust from others (working for gang #1 will incur the wrath of gang #2, working for gang #2 will cause enmity with gang #3, etc.). In the original GTA, only the local police pursued the player. In GTA2, SWAT teams (4 Copheads) are introduced in the Downtown District, while Special Agents (5 Copheads) and the army (6 Copheads) are introduced in the Residential and Industrial Districts. These additional types of law enforcement begin chasing the player as his or her wanted level increases. The wanted level is represented by images of a cop's head, and vary between the Windows and PlayStation versions.

GTA2 introduced an improved saving technique, unlike the original game, which saved only when finishing a city. If the player entered a church with $50,000, a voice announced "Hallelujah! Another soul saved!". This notified the player that the game had been saved. If the player did not have enough money, the voice would say "Damnation! No donation, no salvation!". These messages are not heard on the PlayStation version.

Other improvements pertain to city activity. Passing vehicles and pedestrians are no longer cosmetic parts of the environment, but actually play a role in gameplay. Sometimes pedestrians would occasionally enter and ride in taxis or buses. The game is noted for the behavior of its non-player characters. Pedestrians, gang members and the police would occasionally engage in fights, and there are other carjackers (Green sweater) and muggers (Red sweater with white arms) in the city.

This game introduces 'side missions' such as being a taxi driver, bus driver, and a semi-truck driver along with retrieving 'hidden' packages (GTA2 Badges) or Wang Cars (play on 'wankers'), and a health meter. Being a taxidriver would earn roughly 1 dollar per second. When standing still, passengers could get out if they want to, and the earnings will stop. Wang Cars only appeared in the second district. They were well hidden and usually required the player to take a severe amount of highspeed jumps to reach the cars, some of them parked on top of buildings. When the car was entered, the player spawned at the Wang Cars garage, with the garagedoor of the collected car lighting up. Collecting all cars resulted in 8 bonus vehicles parked outside the garage. Among these were cars prepped with oilslicks, integrated machineguns and a firetruck, living up its name as its watercannon was replaced with a flamethrower.
Information From: Wikipedia

GTA 2 (Grand Theft Auto II) Screenshots:

GTA 2 (Grand Theft Auto II) Scrennshot 1
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GTA 2 (Grand Theft Auto II) Scrennshot 2
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GTA 2 (Grand Theft Auto II) Scrennshot 3
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