Bejeweled: Twist Ripped Game Free Download in PC

Bejeweled: Twist Ripped Game Free Download in PC

Bejeweled Twist Cover Art
Bejeweled Twist Cover Art

Bejeweled: Twist Recommended System Requirements:

Operation System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Processor: Pentium 3, 1.0GHz
RAM: 256 MB
Video Card: 32 MB
HDD Space: 200
DirectX: 8.0
Mouse and Keyboard

Bejeweled: Twist Information:

Bejeweled: Twist is a puzzle match 3 game of the Bejeweled series created and published PopCap Games, released on October 17, 2008. Instead of switching the positions of two gems vertically or horizontally, the cursor in Bejeweled Twist is a circular lens that rotates four gems clockwise on the gameboard. Not every move has to form a line of three, but each time a line is formed during a move, a multiplier chain will increase which will multiply points earned during the game. The multiplier chain will be broken if a move is made which does not line up three or more gems. There are several different modes of gameplay available.

The player tries to match gems together, and the resulting matches contribute to a level up bar at the left of the page. When the bar is filled, the player is warped onward to the next level. The game ends when an active Bomb Gem or Doom Gem counts down to zero, at which point the game board is destroyed and the game ends.

The Zen mode is similar to the classic mode, but do not include Bomb, locked, or Doom gems, therefore it goes on and on forever and you can never lose. This game is intended for beginners and for those who want a more relaxed place of gameplay.

Challenge Mode is made up of several different challenges. Each challenge has a certain requirement or amount of gems to destroy. In the first level of the 'Detonator' challenge, the player must destroy 8 gems in a single move. The second level has the objective of destroying 12 gems. Another challenge, the 'Spectrum' challenge, at level one, the player is tasked with having 3 red matches on the board at once. If all levels of a challenge are finished, the player will unlock the "eclipse" mode of that challenge, in which the player has to score as much points as possible in a limited time and condition given.

Blitz is the new name for the original Bejeweled game's timed mode. The game is the same as in classic mode, but with a time limit of five minutes to collect as many points as possible. There are two ways to end the game and they are letting the Bomb Gem hit zero or the five minutes are up. As the game progresses, the announcer will alert the player how much time remains starting at one minute intervals, then thirty seconds, and finally ten seconds. A new addition to this mode is the Speed Bonus, which allows the player to match fast for bigger points.
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Bejeweled: Twist Screenshots:

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 3
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