Age of Castles (AOC) Game Free Download Rip Version

Age of Castles (AOC) Game Free Download Rip Version

Age of Castles Cover Art, Free Download
Age of Castles Cover Art

Age of Castles Recommended System Requirements:

Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000
Pentium 450 MHz processor
DirectX 8 compatible With Sound Card
Mouse and Keyboard

Age of Castles Information:

Welcome to Age of Castles! Start a brand new castle outside of the town and follow one simple rule…grow! Keep growing more and more people until finally you rule the entire land!
Winning the game is simple: Convert as many people as you can! 1 billion people conquers the realm!
Map of the Realm
You start your colony in the Human Town. With every level you go up, you can move your castle to the next location. Moving your castle to a new location will cost you mana and a little bit of gold.
Each location in the realm is unique, giving you different challenges and rewards. Explore and discover what places are best for you!
Ye Olde Magik Shoppe
Go to the Ye Olde Magik Shoppe to buy magic items! With every level you go up, new items will become available. Purchasing items at the Shoppe will cost you mana so spend wisely! There are dozens of magic items you can buy!
Tales of the Quest
Go to the Tales of the Quest Screen to get the low-down on your kingdom! You can see how many daily bonuses you receive and also check out your colony’s battle record. Click on the arrow buttons to see all of the different enemies you’ve encountered!
Everyday your kingdom can have up to 4 events. Good events are things like finding gold or maybe even some mana! Bad Events are things like "Your treasury is robbed by thieves!" or "Your magicians accidentally turn some men into pigs.". Battle Events happen when you encounter an enemy like Dragons, and Tip events happen when The Wise Wizard gives you some gameplay wisdom!
Different events can happen depending on your location, size of your castle and much more! You’ll have to play a whole lot to see all of the events!

Age of Castles Screenshots:

Age of Castles Screenshot 1
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Age of Castles Screenshot 2
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Age of Castles Screenshot 3
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